Who is the protagonist of Dork Diaries?

Who is the protagonist of Dork Diaries?

Nikki Maxwell
Dork Diaries is a children’s e-book sequence written and illustrated by Rachel Renée Russell. The sequence, written in a diary structure, makes use of drawings, doodles, and comic strips to chronicle the day by day existence of its 14-year-old protagonist Nikki Maxwell.

Who is the antagonist in Dork Diaries?

MacKenzie Hollister is the primary antagonist of Dork Diaries by means of Rachel Renee Russell. She is Nikki Maxwell’s archenemy.

What race is the primary personality in Dork Diaries?

“Nikki Maxwell is Caucasian, Zoeysha Ebony Franklin is African-American and Chloe Christina Garcia is Latina,” Rachel says. “I sought after my readers to see themselves in my books. I even have characters who are of Asian and Jewish ancestries, and one uses a wheelchair.”

How would you describe MacKenzie from Dork Diaries?

MacKenzie is a rich, bratty, spoiled, vain and self-centered, however might most likely has just right qualities too. She is very aggressive and will do the rest to win a contest, including cheating. She hates Nikki and calls her a dork and repeatedly tries to damage her life.

Did Brandon and Nikki kiss Dork Diaries?

Throughout the guide Brandon becomes more and more responsible about the fact that their friendship is destroyed and regrets that he kissed Nikki on the listening birthday party.

Is Zoey in Dork Diaries black?

She is revealed to be African-American in the second ebook because of her resemblance to Beyoncé .

What colour is Zoey?

There’s also Caramello, which is a coloration heat caramel colour, and the other, Zoey, is an attractive dusty rose hue. Once you get a load of this colour, you’re going to be satisfied that you need this polish (and the rest of the line) as soon as it’s to be had.

Who is the Dork in the e-book Dork Diaries?

Nikki does no longer are compatible in with the wealthy, dressmaker clad scholars and spends most of her time alone writing in her diary. To make issues worse, she has a locker proper subsequent to the college’s most well liked girl, MacKenzie Hollister. MacKenzie labels Nikki as a “Dork” and goes out of her technique to make Nikki’s lifestyles miserable.

Who is the pianist in the Dork Diaries?

In Dork Diaries: Tales From a Not So Talented Pop Star, it is revealed Violet plays the piano. She is the pianist in Nikki’s band, Actually, I’m Not Sure Yet. One of the unpopular boys in WCD and one of Nikki’s pals. He has a large crush on Mackenzie.

What does Mackenzie do in the Dork Diaries?

Mackenzie all the time wears top designer outfits, carries expensive baggage, and wears so much of lip gloss. She too, has a weigh down on Brandon Roberts and tries to flirt with him through twirling her hair whenever possible, most commonly when Nikki is looking at. MacKenzie does no longer like Nikki and calls her a dork.

Who is Nikki’s dad in the Dork Diaries?

Nikki’s dad is the bug exterminator at Nikki’s snobby prep school. He’s a total cornball who proudly drives around town in his work van with a five-foot lengthy giant plastic roach on top. He’s Nikki’s greatest fan but she keeps his work at her school a big secret. He loves squashing roaches, elevator song, and butting into Nikki’s social lifestyles.