Who is Thurgood Marshall parents?

Who is Thurgood Marshall parents?

Norma Arica Marshall
William Marshall
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Did Thurgood Marshall have a circle of relatives?

Marriage and family Marshall used to be married twice. They were married till he died in 1993, having two sons in combination: Thurgood Marshall Jr., a former most sensible aide to President Bill Clinton; and John W. Marshall, a former United States Marshals Service Director and Virginia Secretary of Public Safety.

Who was once Thurgood Marshall grandfather?

Thorney Marshall
Thurgood’s grandfather, Thorney Marshall, were enslaved as a kid, however escaped to Baltimore, where he later married and raised a family.

Who is Thurgood Marshall’s son?

Thurgood Marshall, Jr.
John W. Marshall
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Who is Thurgood Marshall’s wife?

Cecilia Suyat Marshallm. 1955–1993
Vivian Burey Marshallm. 1929–1955
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Does Thurgood Marshall have grandchildren?

Thurgood William Marshallvia Thurgood Marshall, Jr.
Edward Patrick Marshallvia Thurgood Marshall, Jr.
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Does Thurgood Marshall have a spouse?

Where did Thurgood Marshall and his spouse move in 1936?

Court Cases In 1934, Marshall began operating for the Baltimore department of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). In 1936, Marshall moved to New York City to work full time as prison suggest for the NAACP.

Did Thurgood Marshall have grandchildren?

Was Thurgood Marshall untrue?

Marshall traveled so much in his paintings with the NAACP and was once accused of having affairs, and Burey’s pregnancies resulted in miscarriages. That December, Thurgood Marshall married his 2nd wife, Cecilia Suyat, a secretary for the NAACP. They went directly to have two children together.

What nationality used to be Thurgood Marshall’s 2d spouse?

Cecilia “Cissy” Suyat Marshall (born July 20, 1928) is an American civil rights activist and historian from Hawaii. She is of Filipino descent.

Did Joseph spell cross to prison?

He served for 6 years in the U.S. Army sooner than being dishonorably discharged once you have under the influence of alcohol, stealing an officer’s car, and crashing it.