Who is vonetta sister?

Who is vonetta sister?

Alma McGee
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Is Kathy McKee associated with Lonette McKee?

Kathy McKee, left, in a 1976 picture, together with her sister, actress Lonette McKee.

Is Lonette McKee combined?

The daughter of a white mom and black father, Ms. McKee has continuously performed mixed-race characters who are suffering with their id.

How previous is Lonette McKee now?

67 years (July 22, 1954)
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Is vonetta McGee lifeless?

Deceased (1945–2010)
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What does vonetta imply?

Vonetta is of French foundation and its that means is “yew.”

Did Lonette McKee sing in sparkle?

Miss McKee is in particular proud of her work as Sister, the lead singer, in “Sparkle.”

What nationality is Lonette McKee?

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Is Lonette McKee married?

Leo Comptonm. 1983–1990
Lonette McKee/Spouse

Who used to be Carl Lumbly married to?

Deborah Santanam. 2015–2019
Vonetta McGeem. 1987–2010
Carl Lumbly/Spouse
Lumbly has been married twice and has one son. He was married to actress Vonetta McGee from 1987 till her death in 2010. Together that they had one son, born in 1988. Lumbly married writer Deborah Santana in 2015 and the couple divorced in 2019.

How old is Max Julien now?

76 years (January 1, 1945)
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What is Sparkle real name?

Stephanie Edwards
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Does Lonette McKee sing?

McKee’s career began in the tune trade in Detroit as a child prodigy, the place she began writing tune/lyrics, making a song, enjoying keyboards and appearing on the age of seven.

How old is Carl Lumbly?

69 years (August 14, 1951)
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Is Carl Lumbly Jamaican?

To Jamaican immigrant oldsters. Lumbly made a guest appearance as an Jamaican immigrant father on the NBC television’s hit series “This Is Us”. Lumbly’s first main acting position was once enjoying “Detective Marcus Petrie” in the tv sequence “Cagney and Lacey.” He played this position from 1982 to 1988.

What is Max Julien net price?

Max Julien Net Worth: Max Julien is an American actor who has a net price of $four hundred thousand. Max Julien was once born in Washington, D.C. in January 1945. He is best identified for enjoying the function of Goldie in the film The Mack. Julien began out his career Off-Broadway in Shakespeare-In-The-Park.

Did Whitney Houston died during the making of Sparkle?

Although the film has a heavy tune part, it is now not recognized how much Houston’s personality sings on screen, if in any respect. Houston had said she at first wanted Aaliyah for the identify position however was pressured to reconfigure the mission when the R&B singer used to be killed in a plane crash in August 2001.