Who were the Addicted to Love models?

Who were the Addicted to Love models?

The five models in the video are Julie Pankhurst (keyboard), Patty Kelly (guitar), Mak Gilchrist (bass guitar), Julia Bolino (guitar), and Kathy Davies (drums). Mak Gilchrist recalled to Q: “I was 21 and got the phase on the energy of my modelling ebook.

Who was once Robert Palmer’s wife?

Susan Eileen Thatcherm. 1979–1993
Shelly Putmanm. 1972–1978
Robert Palmer/Wife

Who sang impossible to resist?

Robert Palmer
Simply Irresistible/Artists

Who used to be the authentic singer of unhealthy case of Loving You?

” Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) ” is a 1978 tune, written and at the start recorded via Moon Martin, and sung a 12 months later via Robert Palmer. The song was one of Palmer’s definitive hits. Moon Martin initially recorded the tune in 1978.

Who are the ladies in the Robert Palmer video?

Jump back a 12 months and you’ve got the debut of its track video, that includes the Robert Palmer girls, a quintet of an identical women on instruments. Guitarist Patty Elias, one among the video’s models, jokes that the video could have been more widespread than the music itself.

When did the Palmer version of bad case of Loving you come out?

The Palmer version was remixed with heavier guitars and drums for his greatest hits collection Addictions: Volume 1. The song was once nominated for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance at the 22nd Annual Grammy Awards. In the Netherlands, it reached #2 on the Dutch Top 40 chart on 4 August 1979, 5 weeks after its debut (7 July) on the chart.

How old are the ladies on Robert Palmer’s addicted to love?

21-year-old, Julie Pankhurt on the keyboard. She also seems on both variations of the single’s slipcover. 20-year-old Patty Kelly, then Patty Elias, on guitar. 24-year-old Kathy Davies on drums. Although obscured through Palmer for many photographs, she enjoyed having his butt often in front of her.