Why do my fish keep getting away in Wizard101?

Why do my fish keep getting away in Wizard101?

Re: Can’t catch a fish As quickly as it is going down and remains down, that’s when you hit the distance bar. If you’re doing that and the fish are nonetheless swimming away, that could be a signal that you simply’re the use of too susceptible of a lure, the mistaken trap, otherwise you just wish to add some luck.

Do you must do Crab Alley Wizard101?

Crab Alley was at one level required sooner than lets get get entry to to the Waterworks stage 60 dungeon, but now it’s just non-compulsory.

What college is fish sandwich wizard101?

Fish:Fish Sandwich

School Myth
Rarity Common
Aquarium Regular Aquariums
Fishing XP 1,300 XP / 13 XP

How do you fish on wizard 101?

The trick is to wait till the lure completely sinks beneath the water and when it does you’re going to want to act speedy through both clicking at the spell icon again, or pressing the Space bar once to catch that fish! If you succeed and catch the fish, you’ll see the title and size.

What degree is Crab Alley Wizard101?

Crab Alley is a side-street in Wizard City supposed for wizards stage twelve and over. It gives a lot of revel in from the quests, and later in the sport will transform the most important house for degree 60s and over.

What stage should I do Crab Alley?

Crab Alley is a space that’s accessed via Triton Avenue. At stage 12, you’ll be able to speak to Sohomer Sunblade in Triton Avenue for the search Trouble Underfoot, which gives get entry to to Crab Alley. Krokotopia is the second one global. You achieve get entry to after finishing Wizard City.

Where do you get bone fish in wizard101?

Bone Fish

  • School: Death.
  • Rank: 1.
  • Rarity: Common.
  • Initial XP: 1100.
  • Locations: Unicorn Way (WC), Castle Darkmoor (WC), Emperor’s Retreat (KT), Ancient Burial Grounds (MS), Zamunda Outskirts (ZF), Everywhere in GH and AZ, Death House, Darkmoor Manor, Winter Wind Tower, Pyramid of the Lost Horizon, Nomad’s Camp.

What type of fish is catfish in wizard101?

Use winnow hearth fish, when you do no longer have that use divulge fish college, the Catfish are at the side of the pond in WC the place the rainbow bridge (not under the bridge, but the giant part of the pond on that aspect) is, most definitely handiest 2 or Three spawn in step with pond although, so you wish to have to concentrate on Fire college fish!

Can you catch a rank 2 fish with a rank 1 lure?

As a ways as I know, you’ll be able to use a “rank two” trap on a “rank one” fish without any punishment (other than extra power price). Exactly, fish and fish spells have ranges. The upper the enjoy you get for the fish, the upper level it’s.

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