Why is there no sound coming from my Sony TV?

Why is there no sound coming from my Sony TV?

Check the Speakers setting on the TV. Make sure TV Speakers is selected. Increase the volume of the TV. A power reset or restart of the TV is advisable step and may unravel the sound issue.

Why has the sound long gone on my Sony Bravia TV?

Here’s some advice from Sony’s troubleshooting website online if you’re having good image however no sound: – Check the quantity stage. – Press MUTING or VOL + in order that “Muting” disappears from the display. If it is set to Audio System, sound is now not output from the TV’s speakers irrespective of the TV’s quantity keep watch over.

Why does my Sony TV keep muting itself?

MUTING seems on front panel show of the house theater or sound bar device if there is no audio signal despatched from the HDMI® ARC output of the audio device to the TV HDMI ARC enter. This is a standard operation. The house theater or sound bar device keeps the settings the next time the instrument is powered on.

Why does TV quantity will increase on its own?

Why does my quantity cross up and down on its own? This may also be brought about by a struggle between this system or tool that you’re trying to watch and the TV’s complex audio settings particularly SRS TruVolume. Turn off SRS TruVolume.

How do I get sound on my Sony TV?

How to switch the audio out settings to Fixed or Variable

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. On the supplied TV remote keep watch over, press the MENU button.
  3. Select the AUDIO icon that looks like a tune note.
  4. Press the SELECT button.
  5. Select the SPEAKER option.
  6. Press the SELECT button.
  7. Select OFF.
  8. Press the SELECT button.

How do I reset the sound on my Sony Bravia TV?

Reset Sound Settings

  1. Open Sound Settings. To reset all audio changes, open the Sound Settings and then go to Sound Adjustments.
  2. Open Advanced Settings. At the ground of the Sound Adjustments menu, you’ll find the Advanced Settings, where you’ll reset all sound settings.
  3. Reset sound.
  4. Confirm reset.

How do I repair the amount on my Sony Bravia TV?


  1. Press the HOME button, then make a choice [Settings].
  2. Select [Sound] → [Headphone/Audio Out] → [Audio Out] → [Audio Out] in the sound environment menu → [Fixed] or [Variable]. Select [Fixed] to regulate the quantity the use of the attached audio machine’s remote keep watch over.

Why does my Sony TV say TV quantity is fastened?

IMPORTANT: If the Audio Out possibility of the television is set to Fixed, the TV speakers are became off and the amount output of the TV is fastened. Attempt to regulate the volume using the amount control buttons on the entrance of the TV. Attempt to adjust the quantity the usage of the far off keep an eye on supplied with the TV.